Nisi filterholder for nikon 14-24 Review Studio-37
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Review NiSi filterholder for Nikon 14-24

NiSi 150 mm Filter Holder System for Nikon af-s 14 – 24 f/2.8

Initial Impressions

When i ordered the NiSi 150 mm filter holder i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. There was a little bit of information to be found on the internet, it was the fact that i didn’t have to disconnect the lens to mount it and the low pricing that led me to order it. Any reservations I had disappeared immediately when i received the filter holder system. The NiSi 150 mm filter holder not only looks great, it feels very solid.

The filter holder itself is a precision build and sturdy product. The great thing is that there are no loose parts, it is a one piece filter holder. The holder mounts to the lens by tightning two screws that compress a rubber ring around the lens collar It is designed not to leave any scratches on the lens. Once the holder is mounted to the lens it fits very well and isn’t comming off, even when trying. It takes only a couple turns of the mounting screws to tighten the holder, this shows how well machined and engineered this holder is. This also shows on the outer ring that rotates 360 degrees, turning feels smooth with a little bit resistanse, like zooming with pro-lenses. The holder has a anti reflection black matte finish which reduces reflections and makes it look as if it belongs on the lens.

The things i wanted in a filter system for the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 were the following:
– Takes 150×150 mm and 150×170 mm filters
– Independent rotation of filters from holder
– Mounting while lens is on camera
– Compatible with filters from other brands (i.e. Lee, Haida, Hitech)
– Up to 3 filters at once
– No light leaks
– No vignette

These things ensure me that this system would work in the field and fullfill my photographic needs. The NiSi 150 mm filter holder was the only one that seemed to provide all of the above.

When i fitted the filters to the holder, the glass and resin filters stayed put and did not move at all. Also the fact that it takes up to three filters is a big plus for me. The NiSi 150 mm filter holder ships with two filter slots and a extra pair is included in the box. Mounting these extra filter slots is very simple, just unscrew the two screws that hold the filter slots and add the third one. Make sure not to overthighten the srews, the slots are made of plastic and can handle only so much pressure.

What I really like about this filter holder is how quickly I can attach the filter to the lens and remove it. When switching gear and positions quickly this is very handy. it’s also great for composing a shot when using very dark filters. Just compose the shot and attach holder and filter at the same time. After the shot is taken simply remove the holder and filters, by untightning the two screws, from the lens and make a new composition, then mount it back just as easy. Or put the camera in my backpack and pack the large filter 150mm system flat with filters still attached (which is impossible with the other systems).

The Nisi System also provides an optional adapter ring, which can be used to fit the NiSi 150 mm filter holder to any 77mm or smaller lens with the right stepdown ring.

Light leaks
The NiSi 150 mm filter holder works very well, but after a few shots with a 10 stop nd-filter I found that there is a small gap between the filter and the holder that led in some light. My solution was very simple, i went to my local DIY store and bought some cloath like tape, which is used to bond with the rough side of vellcro. I taped two layers of this tape to the holder in a semi-circle on the top and the bottom side of the holder (see pictures below). Thus making it 100% light tight with a 10 stop or more ND-filter. Another solution maybe to attach some foam or velt with 1,5 mm thickness.
NiSi always stated that their holder was absolutly light tight, so this surprised me a lot. This shortcoming is so simple to overcome that it shouldn’t hold you back to buy it. I expect NiSi to solve this problem in there next version, by simply supplying some extra baffles to attach to your filter holder.
Some brands, like LucrOit and WonderPana, produce a far better holder than the Lee SW150 in regard to the light leak issue. The big filter size of these brands (165mm) creates one big problem, that you cannot use the fantastic color neutral Lee 150x170mm ND-graduated filters or anyother brand with these dimensions.

Attaching Mechanism
There is a problem with over tighten the two small screws which attach the filter system. When the screws are to tight the focusing and zooming functions become sticky and harsh. This indicates that the applied pressure around the lens barrel affects the way the zoom works. This could result, although highly unlikely, that the zooming or focusing mechanism can be negatively affected. So to be on the safe side DO NOT over tighten and check for unwanted friction on the system.

Locking Filter Rotation
I would like a way of locking the holder in any rotation , something that the NiSi designers left out. The main reason for this locking mechanism is to avoid rotation when a graduated ND-filter is inserted and aligned and you want to use a second filter. When my filter moves i simply switch to live view and raise my iso way up so i can see trough my darkest nd-filter and the adjust my graduated nd-filter.

Any filtersystem has it pro’s and con’s and this is true for the NiSi 150mm filter system , but I can assure you the pros outweigh the cons by far.

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