• Nisi filter pouch for 150x150 filters Review Studio-37
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    Review NiSi Leather Filter Pouch

    NiSi SSB150 Leather Filter Pouch The big 150×150 or 150×170 filters all come with a soft pouch to transport them in. The drawback of having multiple filters is that they take up so much space in your camerabag, when each is in it’s separate pouch. NiSi has this filter pouch which can contain 6 filters in a beautiful leather case which looks and feels pretty solid. It’s hard case so when something drops on it, your expensive filters are well protected, which isn’t the case…

  • Nisi filterholder for nikon 14-24 Review Studio-37
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    Review NiSi filterholder for Nikon 14-24

    NiSi 150 mm Filter Holder System for Nikon af-s 14 – 24 f/2.8 Initial Impressions When i ordered the NiSi 150 mm filter holder i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. There was a little bit of information to be found on the internet, it was the fact that i didn’t have to disconnect the lens to mount it and the low pricing that led me to order it. Any reservations I had disappeared immediately when i received the filter holder system. The NiSi 150…